The I Love Travel Family

Please email or call 1-800-458-6124 if you are looking for staff contact information.

Executive Team

Destination Trip Leader Placement

Hiring, training, and placing all of our amazing Destination Trip Leaders!


All about the money... and the Friday team lunches <3


The dynamic duo running all things Get REAL, a non-profit partner of I Love Travel

Help Desk

Based in the beautiful Dominican Republic and focused on assisting all travelers, parents, and those looking to book a trip.

High School Sales

An epic group of travel experts dedicated to making sure every school has the opportunity for the #TripofaLifetime.


Obsessed with all communications, branding, social media, design, merchandise, and our beloved I Love Travel Dream Team.


Creating unforgettable journeys for friends by building our trips and managing all things related to insurance, flights, hotels, transportation, and more.


Jugglers of space, price, rooms, and suppliers

Talent - Culture, Recruitment, and Training

Keeping our office, our people, and our culture amazing to make sure every staff has the #JobofaLifetime



Software, Hardware, Everywhere

Trip Support

Our Trip Managers work with all our Organizers and Reps to make sure everyone traveling with us knows what to bring, what to expect, and helps with any and all questions along the way!

University / College Sales

Our passionate Campus Vacations crew getting every school to experience Spring BreakSnowJam, and Dayton to Daytona