What travelers say about S-Trip!

Braeden G
Review: 5 - "You have to go" by , written on April 14th, 2013
I had an amazing time and made memories that will last a lifetime. I would definitely travel with S-Trip! again :)
Jordan B
Review: 5 - "Seriously the trip of a lifetime" by , written on June 8th, 2013
This was the greatest trip of my life! I am so glad I had the experience. Everyone needs to trip with S-Trip!
Decker T
Review: 5 - "Changed my life. Best trip ever." by , written on July 7th, 2013
It was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced in my life. Keep doing it, cause its life changing to the students who go
Brooklyn L
Review: 5 - "Highly Recommend" by , written on July 22, 2013
It surpassed my expectations by far. The trip was the experience of a lifetime, I was able to say, in many cases, my last good-byes to many friends which i wont be in touch with much after highschool. The memories that were made in 7 days are too numerous to count. I would recommend this trip, and S-Trip! to anybody considering going on it. The value was incredible, and i truly believe it was an experience of a lifetime, and the perfect way to celebrate the ending of our highschool careers and the beginning of our lives in the real world.
Adam L
Review: 4 - "Great staff" by , written on June 22nd, 2014
I thought the leaders were great. All of the S-Trip! staff were actually amazing. They were so nice and respected the rules of their job but were still really fun to be around.
Sandeep M
Review: 5 - "Once in a lifetime" by , written on April 1st, 2014
One of the best weeks of my life, I will never forget any of it. I'm sad that it was a "Once in a lifetime opportunity" and now its over. But I'm so glad it happened. I just want to add that without the S-Trip! staff, my trip wouldn't have been the same. I know my entire group was so thankful for all of their help.
Deana D
Review: 4 - "Miss it already" by , written on March 27th, 2014
I thought that the entire trip was fantastic, the staff members were great to get along with, and they sure dealt with some problems we had very professionally. The destination was also a great place to be. Thanks a lot S-Trip!
Tia N
Review: 5 - "Something we will never forget" by , written on March 24th, 2015
Greatest trip. Everything about it worked together to make it perfect like the S-Trip! staff, the hotel and the location! Thanks for a great grad trip, it was a perfect way to end High School.
Connor G
Review: 5 - "So many friendships" by , written on June 29th, 2015
the positive vibes! for grad trip u leave high school which is filled with drama, then you get to your resort and you have 500 new friends, everyone gets along, dances, swims and has the time of their life. I think s-trip gives you the best start to your life after high school.
Jori H
Review: 4 - "Volunteer!!!" by , written on April 4th, 2016
I painted a school in dominican republic, got to play with all the adorable little kids and tried local food ♥ super rewarding and probably the best day i spent in puerto plata!
Mercedes B
Review: 5 - "Pura Vida" by , written on April 6th, 2016
Wow, what an absolutely incredible week! We zip lined through volcanoes, spent a day in the hot springs, flew through a two kilometer water slide, spent the day at the beautiful Tamarindo surf town, fed monkeys, danced the nights away, met some amazing people, met some crazy people, and overall had one of the greatest weeks of my life. The beauty of Costa Rica has left me speechless and making it so hard to leave! This week, my scholarship was brought up tons because Becca and I were the only ones from Ontario. It got me thinking about all the support that I had been given and how I wasn't able to have gotten this incredible experience without the wonderful people who helped me get here! It was one of the greatest weeks of my life and I couldn't say thank you enough! A huge thanks goes out to the most wicked staff at S-Trip! for truly giving us a trip of a lifetime. We have promised to stick to the Costa Rican motto "Pura Vida" which means pure life, live life to the fullest, and relax and be happy! Pura Vida, everybody!
Blake L
Review: 5 - "Everyone needs to do an S-Trip!" by , written on April 8th, 2016
I just back from my grad trip down in Punta Cana, in the southern Dominican. I personally wanted to let the organization know how incredible of a time that I had! I love everything that you guys do, from giving students opportunities to celebrate, impacting communities through the volunteer excursion and your entire business in general. You provide a priceless service, so thank you!
Brett G
Review: 5 - "So glad I went" by , written on February 2nd, 2017
There is no one else in the travel industry I would allow my children but S-trip! The staff are well informed and well trained for anything that arises. I can personally say that this is a Trip of a lifetime. The amount of effort and good vibes can be seen across the board from Trip leaders to Program Directors. Its a trip I'm glad I went on as a student, it made the experience so much better!
Cassandra C
Review: 5 - "100% best week of my life" by , written on January 29th, 2017
Not only did I have the chance to take part on a trip to Cuba with S-Trip! which was 100% the best week of my life, but I also had the chance to work with S-Trip! last summer. The staff when I had worked with them and also the staff I had met on the trip were super cool and really made my experiences with S-Trip! the best it could be!

S-Trip! (short for Student Trip) is a Toronto-based travel and tourism operator committed to offering high quality vacations to high school students. S-Trip! is known for creating the ultimate graduation trip experience and life-long friendships.

Founded more than three decades ago with the goal of offering a large group of friends an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime trip, S-Trip! has grown to provide a variety of international grad trips to North American students in both Canada and the United States.

As one of the sister companies under the I Love Travel brand, S-Trip! works in conjunction with Campus Vacations, The New Breakaway Tours, Stoke Travel, and Unleashed Travel to offer student and youth-focused vacations.

S-Trip! is I Love Travel’s oldest subsidiary and has taken more than 125,000 students on the #TripofaLifetime to exotic destinations like Cuba, Dominican, the Pacific Mexico, the Grand Bahamas, and Costa Rica.

Established in 1976 by two former teachers wanting to offer students enriched, exciting and safe graduation trips, S-Trip! now operates out of offices located in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Boston, and the Dominican Republic. This youth-centric company has also expanded to offer a variety of culturally impactful volunteer opportunities.

In 2012, S-Trip! developed a staff-led 5-point business mantra that is practiced throughout the company and by all employees.  

1.  Share the journey -- This speaks to the inclusive attitude that is mandatory for all those taking part on an S-Trip! vacation.

2.  Embrace everyone --This mantra fosters unity among travelers, leaders and community members.

 3.  Make an impact -- One of the unique aspects to the S-Trip! business model is thecommitment to giving back to communities around the globe.

4.  Bring the fun -- S-Trip! created the #TripofaLifetime because they are the authority on providing fun student trips that create lifelong memories.

5.  Go beyond -- S-Trip! leaders will rise to and go beyond to ensure every traveler has the #TripofaLifetime.

S-Trip!’s history of providing youth-focused getaways has earned it and its parent company, I Love Travel, the title of one of Canada’s fastest growing businesses.  S-Trip!’s devotion to high-quality student tourism has earned the company a number of awards and accolades. In 2014, S-Trip! was named a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of Year Award and since 2011,S-Trip! has been recognized every year as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.  The company was also named as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies by Canadian Business Magazine for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

S-Trip! reviews, which are featured throughout the company website, recount stories of epic adventures and fulfilling volunteer opportunities from the many travelers who have booked their grad trip with S-Trip!

The company is able to create these #TripofaLifetime vacations and warrant such glowing S-Trip! reviews because many of the 500 company employees are former Strip! travelers themselves. These travel enthusiasts work out of the seven offices around the world to plan,guide and facilitate each unique trip.

One of the factors that sets S-Trip! apart from other student travel and tourism operators is the company-wide commitment to volunteerism. Every trip organized by S-Trip! includes opportunities for students to volunteer and give back to the communities they are visiting.  In 2015, 5,300 S-Trip! travelers spent 15,000 hours participating in a variety of company organized volunteer initiatives. This year, S-Trip! expects 6,000 youth travelers will complete 18,000 hours of volunteer work in the communities they are visiting.