ilovetravel and S-Trip! Macao Beach Clean Up!

Our S-Trip! team in Punta Cana organized a epic volunteer initiative at one of our favourite local Dominican Republic beaches, Macao Beach! 

Our amazing team at Macao Beach, DR. 

Our amazing team at Macao Beach, DR. 

Macao Beach has been home to our team and our travelers for years so when our team saw that it needed some help they brought their cause to Facebook! Friends, family and community members met at Macao Beach for a full day of collecting garbage and sorting recyclables on the beach.

S-Trip! volunteer efforts

Our pledge to #LeaveOnlyFootprints propelled us to collect over 15 bags of garbage and plastic waste that has washed up on the Macao Beach. It is important to us that we use reusable water bottles and mugs (see more on our #LeaveOnlyFootprints here). It is important to reuse to prevent more pollution and littering of our beaches and planet. 

Each an every one of our Grad Trips with S-Trip! have an included Volunteer Abroad Excursion. Many of our Travelers on destination will volunteer with the community to clean beach fronts, build schools or assist at local food banks. 

We are proud of all the effort our team and volunteers put in at Macao Beach! The results are amazing! We are already looking forward to the next Volunteer Project! 

Make a difference on your Grad Trip and attend the included Volunteer Abroad excursion. See the difference we've been making in the local communities here.