ilovetravel Spring Academy 2017

Team building. Team bonding.

Each season, ilovetravel has what we call an “Academy.” This is an all-day event where we learn about the company, future growth and things that matter to us! We spent the day at the YMCA where we participated in seminars, group activities and all things team building. We started our morning with a delicious breakfast spread to help boost everyone’s energy! We had coffee and tea (crucial) that everyone drank out of their #LeaveOnlyFootprints reusable mug, build your own yogurt energy bowls, equipped with chia seeds, granola, coconut clusters and lots of fruit! Our first activity was human bingo! This is an activity where each square has a different question in it and the goal is to find someone who fills the requirement! For example, if the square reads, “Someone who can speak 2+ languages” you need to find someone who speaks two or more languages. You win the game when every square is filled in with a different name! This was an awesome activity to start with because it allowed everyone to meet and mingle with the rest of the team! We’re all about getting to know one another. Team bonding is another important focus, for us! Once everyone was well-acquainted and BINGO was shouted, we began our day!

We started our day with some awesome seminars where staff talked about everything from

our past trip season(s) and how we can improve on making things safe, seamless and epic, to future growth and our vision for the next 5 years! We heard updates from all our brands (S-Trip!, Breakaway Tours and Campus Vacations) and heard some amazing Happy Traveler stories from our winter trip season. Our presenters gave it their all, sharing their experience and knowledge of We <3 Reviews Project, Committed to Youth Initiative and Our S-Trip! Myths page. It’s always so important for us come together outside of the office and hear about what each team is up to and how it contributes to the overall growth of the company. Thanks to all our presenters and leaders for crushing their sections.

After filling our brains with awesomness, we had a delicious meatless and wheatless lunch from Kupfert & Kim! Going meatless and wheatless allowed everyone to enjoy the meal provided, without any restrictions. We are all about #inclusivity! After refueling, we headed to the gym to get our hearts pumping! We think it’s important to incorporate physical activity into the day to keep everyone's minds sharp! We broke into three teams, red, blue and yellow and everyone played soccer, hockey and basketball and finished the activity off with an obstacle course! Team leads from each team had to compete both physically and mentally, answering word problems, scoring goals and making baskets. After team yellow reigned victorious, we continued with several break out sessions where everyone was grouped into teams and learned about different areas of the company and things that are important to us; learning about how reviews change and impact a company, how to better time-manage and organize your day, and and issues committed to youth. We are very team-oriented at I Love Travel and we think it’s important to put a focus on working and growing together. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Check out some awesome photos from our academy!

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