Serbian Lunch Club & Eugene's Birthday!

Serbian food, awards and birthday celebrations!

Our #1 passion is Travel but food is a close second. We feel that sharing a meal, ethnic eats and diverse dishes is such an amazing way to come together as a company, which is why, for years we’ve been hosting lunch clubs. Our Lunch Club this month was in honour of Eugene accepting an award for “Best Youth Tour Operator 2016” on I Love Travel’s behalf at the  Global Youth Travel Awards held in Belgrade, Serbia this year! These awards  are all about celebrating excellence in youth, student and educational travel. It’s always been our focus and passion to create exciting and memorable trips so winning this award means a lot to us here at I Love Travel! This Lunch Club was also extra special because we celebrated our fearless leader, Eugene’s birthday! We all got a taste of true Serbian cuisine like, Ćepavi, Prebranac, Shopska Salad and of course chowed down on birthday cake! Eugene talked about the electric vibe, what it was like being there and accepting the award with Toby Paramor from Stoke Travel. We even had a Serbian native, Vlad, attend the Lunch Club, who gave his stamp of approval on the food! (He also verified our “25 Serbian facts” presentation.. Luckily they were all legit--phew!) We had Eugene’s friends and family join us for the celebration; everyone was in great spirits and left our Lunch Club happy, full and able to answer trivia questions about Serbia--go ahead, ask me who’s the largest raspberry exporter in the world! It’s Serbia! Producing over 30% of the total! You can check out the yummy eats, award and celebration in the photos below! Make sure you’re following us at @JobofaLifetime so you never miss a moment!


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