Après Ski Bring The Fun O'Clock

For years we’ve been having monthly Bring the Fun O’Clocks but last Friday at I Love Travel, our goal was to kick it up a notch! Bring The Fun O’Clock (BTFO for short) is all about creating that “I already love what I do but this is awesome I can’t believe this is my job and I get to work with these awesome people everyday” atmosphere. Normally, we order yummy pizza and have a couple drinks after work, which is already totally sweet. But in order to spice it up it meant, picking an awesome theme and running with it. This month our theme was SnowJam Apres Ski (think previous SnowJam themes like, Lumber Jack & Jill, Yeti Sleepover, Snow Pants or No Pants and Campus Pride) and general “after ski” attire. That being said, we couldn’t have an awesome themed party without some delicious themed food! Plenty of fruit and veg, we try to eat healthy whenever possible, fresh meats and cheese (lots of cheese--think cheese fondue heaven) and of course, chocolate fondue for dessert! All the staff in the office put on their snow suit, onesies or Snow Jam gear, grabbed their #LeaveOnlyFootprints reusable mugs and welcomed the weekend Apres Ski style! We saw killer Yeti Sleepover pyjamas (lookin’ at you Luigi Dubria), people who know how to accessorize to the max (Jay Hamilton ft. a REAL snowboard) and some real tight (pun intended) ski onesies (Eugene Winer)! Our SnowJam team is heading into their third weekend of trips across Canada including Tremblant, Whistler and Panorama so it’s only natural we held a BTFO in their honour. For more great pictures and videos from SnowJam, check out SnowJam Facebook  and follow us on Instagram @JobofaLifetime & @CVSnowJam!