Amber Armstrong's #JobofaLifetime at I Love Travel

Today, I had the chance to sit down with Amber - I Love Travel's latest Graphic Design & Youth Culture Intern! She is absolutely loving her time here - Read on to see the behind the scenes of her internship and how she functions as an epic graphic designer in the making!


What are you currently in school for?

I am currently getting my undergrad in Creative Advertising at Humber College. I have one more year to go!

What was the reason for you applying for this internship?

In all honesty, it was because I love the company's current advertising and marketing look. If you look at their social media, there are such bright & fun colours. So I really wanted to work for a company where I felt passionate about the way it looks so I could help contribute.

What advice would you give to the up-coming interns?

I would say to treat your internship like a real job. I know it’s an unpaid internship but if you put 100% into it, then you’ll get 110% back. Always voice anything that you think could help the company out, and maintain a positive attitude by being friendly and open.

What are some of the biggest things you have learned from this internship?

The biggest things I’ve learned have probably been understanding that no idea too small isn’t worth sharing. We’re in a really unique position where this company lets you work hands on. You’re not just an intern that is a coffee girl - if you have an idea they will look into it and see if it’s feasible enough to execute. I think i’ve learned a lot when it comes to the apps and programs we use, improving my time management, as well as planning and execution when it comes to projects.

What does your daily routine consist of?

I always start off my day by checking emails and my tasks. Usually each day I have a task that I prioritize and focus on that whatever it may be.

Amber hard at work on helping the Marketing team with Campus Vacations Re-Branding!

Amber hard at work on helping the Marketing team with Campus Vacations Re-Branding!

What was your first day in the office like at I Love Travel?

My first day in the office was extremely exciting. I was really happy because I had a little note on my computer saying “Welcome to your first day!”, which was really nice to come into. Also on my first day, I got my first big task - which was thinking of a marketing strategy for the online store. I was super honoured and excited because I was given a task I could do all by myself. Meanwhile, you hear of other interns just being there to get coffee and do small tasks that don’t require lots of responsibility. I was super excited, I couldn’t stop telling people about it!

What are your overall goals post-graduation?

Post graduation, I actually want to work for a company in house, similar to what i’m doing now or somewhere in Europe. I would prefer to leave the country to work for a few years but if not then I would work in the city as well somewhere else in house!

What has been your project to do for I Love Travel?

My favorite project was probably the first one i did! It was for the S-Trip! Online store. I got to pick the models for it (and squeeze my sister and her two best-friends into it), which was really fun. Zhenzhu and I (the other Graphic Design intern), got to do the photography and develop out the social media marketing plan for it! It was super fun and a huge success.

What’s the secret to making something visually fit a brand perfectly?

I think the secret is to just understand the brand completely. All of us interns are very fortunate because we are only a couple years above the age of the S-Trip! demographic, so I think it’s really easy to relate to the brand and have the right point of view where we understand both the business and consumer side. The three big secrets are to understand the brand, the tone of voice, and who you are targeting.

If you could draw or make ANYTHING right now what would it be and why?

I think I would make a phone similar to an iPhone. This phone will be waterproof (because i’ve dropped my phone in the toilet three different times so far), have a 3D screen, and be able to project anything you’re watching at a given time onto a white wall with the touch of a finger! Hopefully Zhenzhu would put it all together for me, Ha ha!

What is your absolute dream job post-graduation?

My dream job in a perfect world would be exactly the kind of work i’m doing right now with I Love Travel. If I were to narrow it down though, I dream of working for a magazine, more specifically I would love to work at Cosmopolitan!

Amber (second from the left) at the Ryerson Blue and Gold Winter Gala with friends! 

Amber (second from the left) at the Ryerson Blue and Gold Winter Gala with friends! 

What’s your favourite way to ‘get inspired’ or ‘get inspiration’?

Whenever i’m stuck on an idea, I have to have a shower. I think about it when I have running water on me and it just helps. I find that I have always had the majority of my ideas while i’m in the shower or even when i’m dreaming. I’ll go take a nap and wake up with a bunch of other ideas. I guess the nap part may be because you’re letting your unconscious really let itself out.

What’s your life motto?

Everything happens for a reason. The best is yet to come!

Published By: Kate Owczar - Marketing Intern