Zhenzhu Pohl's #JobOfALifetime at I Love Travel

"You can find inspiration in everything and if you can't, look again" - Paul Smith

This was a quote I figured out to be the latest Graphic Design & Youth Culture Intern at I Love Travel Zhenzhu's, most favorite. Today, I took the time to sit down with Zhenzhu to hear all about her Internship with I Love Travel, and to spill some tips to becoming the best designer in the league! 


What are you currently in school for?

I’m currently in my final year of the joint Graphic Design program at York University & Sheridan College.


What made you apply for this internship at I Love Travel?

Well for my program, it's required for me to have an internship. So I was looking around and came across this position at I Love Travel and it seemed perfect. I had heard of S-Trip! before, because they had it at my high-school! Although I never went on a trip with the I Love Travel team, travel has always been a big part of my life, and so I figured it would be perfect doing something I love for something else I love.

What's one piece of advice you would give to the up-coming interns?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don't know something, they wont look down upon you. Internships are meant for you to learn about what you're going into so its completely fine to ask questions about the programs you're using, and the people you're working with are super helpful and want you to grow!

What are some of the key things you have learned from this internship?

One of the things that this internship really emphasizes is being super organized. By using certain management systems and programs, using a calendar to map our your day, posting on sticky-notes our daily tasks on a wall, or sending emails at the end of the day to summarize our progress, we are very organized here. This really helps with the creative process, and theres so much going on all the time so this eventually has turned into a habit for me which has even helped me with my daily life!

What does your daily routine consist of?

Usually I check my email, make my calendar for the day, and I usually have more than one design thing to do which may be a solo project (yearbook ) or some sort of collaboration. It could mean sitting at my desk working away, or having meetings throughout the day whether it's getting feedback or working with the marketing team to accomplish something new.

How would you describe the office and your time here at I Love Travel?

The office has a very friendly atmosphere. Its very open and you can talk to anybody if you need something. Its far from a cold and scary office environment. My time here has been very interesting, i've learned a lot like things to do with design as well as just working in a business in general.

Zhenzhu hard at work - currently working on the Summer Academy yearbook for 2016! 

Zhenzhu hard at work - currently working on the Summer Academy yearbook for 2016! 

What are your goals post-graduation?

Right now, i'm a little undecided. All I know is that I do want to at least take a break from school - maybe work for a bit, get a job somewhere or do another internship! I have plans to eventually head back to school but for sure as of now, I want to focus on getting experience!

What has been your favorite thing/project to do for I Love Travel?

I think my favorite projects to work on in the office have been the bigger ones. For example, the Online Store Ad Campaign which I worked on with the other interns. This was really interesting because we each had our own tasks to accomplish. For myself, I had to take and edit pictures, create gifs, images for an email scroll, and other little things. There was lots of different things to do and seeing all of the aspects of this one big project fall into place was the most interesting for me. I am currently working on the Summer Academy Yearbook and that has been really cool and exciting as its a huge project and book that will be handed out to the whole company! They put me in charge of starting it up and designing the basic layout of it! I’m actually kind of nervous, but at the same time its super exciting to see falling into place.

What’s the secret to making something visually fit a brand perfectly?

Well a brand is an identity. If you want to keep something branded, you need to understand how it wants to be portrayed. You must know which colours need to be used, the logo, and utilize consistency. You have to be exciting though too - you can’t just use the same thing over and over.

What’s your favorite either style or object of a graphic to create?

I really like to doodle. Something i've learned recently is how to use illustrator really well. I've become more interested in designing little icons and images to incorporate into bigger designs. Doodling helps me do this. I've always had a passion/interest in editorial design and packaging design, and collecting examples of these kind of things in my spare time, and using them for direction and inspiration is my favorite thing to do.

Zhenzhu was bored one day, so she drew these cute little graphics of "Derpy Bard" and made them into stickers!

Zhenzhu was bored one day, so she drew these cute little graphics of "Derpy Bard" and made them into stickers!


Do you have any professional graphic designers that you idolize?

Yes. He's a York University design Professor, Paul Sych, and is a master of typography. I love him because not only have I worked with him personally, and he has been my professor, but he is super impressive. He works with typography and he has his own magazine called Fshnunlimited, which is a dramatic collision of art, fashion, and design in a large format glossy magazine. If he likes your work, he’ll make sure you know. His work looks very simple, clean, and incorporates typography on top of pictures very well. He has just SO much motivation in him and as a design student, you at times can feel drained and can come to a creativity block, but theres something about Paul that really gives you a kick. When you’re in his class and see his work it really just gives you that burst of energy.

What’s your favourite way to ‘get inspired’ or ‘get inspiration’?

One of the things I do, is just always sort of keeping an eye out. Design is everywhere - and if you just look around your environment while walking down the street you'll see it. Whether it be just how a building is shaped, what people are wearing, the designs of logos, everything in our space has been designed for some reason or another. Basically how I get inspired is just looking around and looking at the details life.

Published By: Kate Owczar - Marketing Intern at I Love Travel