The #JobofaLifetime at I Love Travel with Kate Owczar - Marketing Intern

For the past 3 months I've had the pleasure of working at I Love Travel as a Marketing & Social Media Intern, at the Toronto headquarters with the Marketing Team (MarkeTeam). I Love Travel and I go way back, and I didn’t even know it before applying for this position! Back in 2011 - I went on a bus trip to Québec City with Breakaway Tours and in 2013 I went on a flight trip with S-Trip! on the Cayos of Cuba! These both were amazing trips to say the least, and these unforgettable experiences that I Love Travel provides, are exactly why I love working for this company. After experiencing the product of student travel first hand, I really found I could connect with the various I Love Travel brands in order to create fresh and creative content that is true to all of them, including S-Trip!, The New Breakaway Tours and Campus Vacations.

I am currently studying Media, Information, Technoculture (M.I.T) at Western University, and look forward to going into a Public Relations/Creative Marketing position in the near future. I am intrigued by design, strategy, travel, writing, and collaboration projects, and after reading the description for this internship I was hopeful to hear back and put those interests into action. Applying for this internship after job hunting one day seemed to be the perfect chance to get exposure to the industry, however I had no idea what to expect when walking in here on my first day.

I was so surprised by how welcoming and friendly everyone in the office here was. In fact, this internship has been anything but an “ordinary” one. I have had the opportunity to work with such a vibrant and impressive team, as well as be granted the responsibility of managing projects, creating content, and helping out with bigger projects within the whole Marketing Department. I have gained a lot from this internship, and learned more about what I value in a company. Working for I Love Travel has not only made me value working in a company that truly prioritizes a solid company culture, but also opened my eyes to future career options that I will thrive in. I Love Travel facilitates an environment that prides itself on inspiring you to travel, making you feel like you play a huge role in providing valuable experiences for students, and being a part of an amazing company culture.

As an intern, I was put in charge of creating a company video for I Love Travel’s “Summer Academy” where I had to interview 25 people from various departments, asking them questions about their #JobofaLifetime. This allowed for me to really get a true understanding of what I Love Travel means, and hear about all of the amazing things the employees here had to say about their job. Not one person had a bad thing to say, and are passionate about the product of student travel that they sell and is provided/created. I've been able to use my creativity to do things such as manage a photo contest for S-Trip! social media accounts, organize the Campus Vacations booth at Digital Dreams Music Festival, create online advertisements, and much more!

Working for the leader in student and youth travel has been a challenging, fun, and an amazing learning curve for me. Over the course of this internship, I have realized how valuable it is to work for a company where you truly understand and appreciate the brands that you advocate for and to look for a solid company culture where you can fit in perfectly.

I look forward to the future and am truly grateful for this experience! 


Published By: Kate Owczar - Marketing & Social Media Intern