Taylor Baum's #JobofaLifetime at I Love Travel

Taylor Baum sat down with me today to discuss how her Summer Internship at I Love Travel turned into her #JobofaLifetime

Explain what you do at I Love Travel In one sentence?

I work year round to recruit, hire, train, and on board all of our amazing destination staff that go on our trips.

What’s the best part about working at I Love Travel?

My favourite part about working at I Love Travel is definitely the I Love Travel Team. Everyone shares the same driven mentality which helps produce strong ideas that are brought to the table. I feel that we as a company have a startup feel in the sense that everyone isn’t happy with being mediocre. We always want to get more, grow more, and be better.

What mantra do you most relate to?

I’m a part of “Bring the Fun” team because I think that life is really what you make it. So bringing the fun to any situation is something that I Love Travel definitely specializes in and something that I think also resonates with me through my personal life.  

How would you describe your I Love Travel journey?

I have a pretty lengthy one. I started in 2010 as an Organizer for my high school S-Trip! Grad Trip when we went to Punta Cana for a week. I still talk about that trip to this day. In university I had the opportunity to work as Destination Staff for Campus Vacations for an entire season. I was in Tremblant for 7 weekends and worked 2 weekends in Quebec City. Then I worked as a Campus Area Rep or an Organizer for Campus Vacations. When I went back to school in 2015 I applied for a Summer Internship and when I was done I became part of the full time Destination Staffing team once my internship ended in September.

Do you have any nicknames?

I have a lot! It’s either Tay, Tay-Bomb, T-Bomb, or my full name Taylor Baum. I’m never just a “Taylor”.

What’s your favourite I Love Travel Memory?

The leadership summit! It was amazing! That’s definitely my favourite I Love Travel memory because it really emphasizes the hard work that we put into everything that we implement throughout the company. It was really great to see at an executive level. It was a amazing prize that I won and an even better opportunity.

Where have you traveled with I Love Travel?

As a past passenger I traveled to Punta Cana, Mont Tremblant and Quebec City. As an employee of I Love Travel I’ve traveled to Quebec City, Puerto Plata, and Mont Tremblant.

What’s your number 1 travel tip?

Pack Light! That’s my favourite thing to tell a Trip Leader. You have to master the art of “mix and match outfits” because on destination less is more. I hate coming back with a full load of laundry of clothes that I didn’t wear. So I like to pack light.

What’s your current obsession?

Music festivals. I’ve been trying to take advantage of the Molson Amphitheatre this Summer. I’m seeing Blink 182, Gwen Stefani, and Disclosure in the next two weeks. I want to experience a little bit of everything this Summer.

What’s your #TripofaLifetime?

I’m calling it my continental adventure. I want to visit every continent and experience a little bit of everything.

What’s your favourite thing to get for lunch?

Banh Mi Boys. I had it on my first day at Orientation when I was an Intern. It will always be the best.

On your days off where can we find you?

Exploring the Toronto Islands. You can find me either fishing, biking, or on the beach. There’s a little bit of everything there.

What 3 items do you always pack on a trip?

  1. Reuseable water bottle

  2. Comfy running shoes

  3. Ponytails/ Hair elastics

Published by Amber Armstrong - Graphic Design and Youth Culture Intern at I Love Travel