Emily Tsinokas's #JobofaLifetime at I Love Travel

I had the pleasure of interviewing Emily Tsinokas about her #JobofaLifetime with I Love Travel. It's very clear that Emily loves what she does! 

Explain what you do at I Love Travel In one sentence?

I work in the sales department at Campus Vacations where we send travelers on amazing Spring Break trips!

How would you describe your I Love Travel journey?

I started out as a Campus Rep when I was in University for two trips. Being a Campus Rep let me work closely with the sales team and it allowed me to get an idea on how they worked. That’s when I decided to apply here (I Love Travel) and got into sales right after University. I haven’t looked back since.

What’s the best part of your job?

The staff at I Love Travel is the best part of my job! There is such a positive energy in the office and that's because we’re all passionate, motivated, and thrive on being the best we can be. We’re also friends outside of work too which makes the average office day a fun one.

Emily on CV Spring Break in Punta Cana - 2016

Emily on CV Spring Break in Punta Cana - 2016

What’s your favourite I Love Travel Memory?

Being on Destination and seeing it all come together. We work on these trips all year from the beginning with recruiting Campus Reps and talking to students for the first time. It’s cool to see it all come together and see them on destination.

What’s your number 1 travel tip?

Make the most of it and participate in everything because it goes by so fast! Make sure you are well rested and take a few extra hours of sleep so that you don’t have to miss out on activities or excursions. You don’t want to look back on your trip and only remember how comfy the bed was.

What mantra do you most relate to?

Embrace Everyone- You should always try to talk to everyone, be friends with everyone, and make sure everyone feels included. This is very important for in the office as well as on destination.

Where have you traveled with I Love Travel?

Punta Cana, Cancun, and Mont Tremblant

What’s one thing that your friends know you love?

Coffee with one cream but it has to be from Tim Hortons.

What’s your #TripofaLifetime?

Thailand- I want to travel around Asia, do some backpacking, and go to a full moon party.

Published by Amber Armstrong - Graphic Design and Youth Culture Intern at I Love Travel