S-Trip! Reviews - From Traveler to Trip Leader!

I Love Travel is passionate about our staff and the authenticity of our of our team! Shelby Bolitsky is a exact representation of our Passenger to President philosophy. She began her journey with I Love Travel as an Organizer for her Grad Trip with S-Trip!, then traveler to Puerto Plata in 2014, member of the I Love Travel Dream Team Fall 2014 and now Destination Staff to Cayo Santa Maria in 2016!  We are excited for Shelby and her future with I Love Travel.

Staffing in Cayo Santa Maria - Hawaiian Luau Theme Night 

Staffing in Cayo Santa Maria - Hawaiian Luau Theme Night 

Shelby Bolitsky

Shelby Bolitsky

I had the absolute pleasure of having my #TripofaLifetime on Grad Trip 2014 to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic with S-Trip!. I was the Organizer from my high school and after spending almost a year getting people so stoked for the trip I was insanely ready to make some memories celebrating the end of high school! I knew the second I arrived at the airport that I needed to become a S-Trip! Trip Leader. My Trip Leader was awesome! He met us at the airport and was so genuinely excited about our trip, and he got us so pumped for the plane ride to the Dominican. He assured us he would be available to us the whole week to ensure we were having the best week of our lives!

Words cannot explain how amazing my trip was. Some highlights include the Catamaran Cruise, the epic Night Events, Battle of the Sexes at S-Trip! Central and spending days at the beach! I would just like to emphasize here what an important role trip leaders played in ensuring the trip really was amazing!

When I returned from my trip, I wanted everyone to know how amazing S-Trip! was and how much I adored the company. My S-Trip! Instagram, Twitter and Facebook game was insanely strong. I was sharing pictures, using those hashtags and tagging my friends in all of our photos and stories about grad trip! Soon I was approached to join the I Love Travel Dream Team. (If you don’t know what it is and you’re like “hey this article sounds just like me!” we definitely need you on the Dream Team, use the hashtag: #IAmTheDreamTeam.

The Dream Team is a group of past Organizers, travelers, and staff who love sharing good vibes and share the passion of travel. In this group you can participate in bi-weekly tasks and really get to know all of I Love Travels brands with the potential of gaining future internships, part-time or full-time opportunities at I Love Travel I have had an amazing experience to date as a member of the Dream Team – I’ve found out about amazing opportunities, have been hooked up with sweet swag and have met some #MegaBuddies! But the best part is that I knew right away when I Love Travel was hiring Destination Staff and Trip Leaders. I jumped on that right away and applied! I was so stoked to get a little bit closer to have the #JobofaLifetime!

Before I knew it, I was asked to come to the Toronto head office for a group interview. During the group interview, I got to hang out with a bunch of awesome people and find out more information about all of the amazing stuff I Love Travel does and their other brands (Campus Vacations, The New Breakaway Tours, Unleashed and Stoke Travel)! Soon after, I got the wicked news that I was hired! That’s when the waiting process began to see what trip I would be staffing! Right around Christmas I was assigned to staff #GradTrip2016 to Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba over March Break! 

The rest is history. If you think your #TripofaLifetime with S-Trip! was amazing, just think about how much more amazing it is to work the #JobofaLifetime with I Love Travel!

Thank you Shelby for your commitment and amazing energy! If you are a past Organizer, Traveler, Staff or youth that is passionate about travel who would like to join the Dream Team please add yourself to the I Love Travel Dream Team Facebook Group!

Published by Sierra Webster, Marketing Coordinator & Lead facilitator of the I Love Travel Dream Team.