Where are they now? Celebrating Past I Love Travel Interns! - James and Dee

We work hard to make sure everyone who comes into the I Love Travel Internship Program gets mentorship, learns life skills, and leaves better prepared for the workforce with greater self-confidence and knowledge of what they want to do in life. Many of our interns are students, but they all have diverse backgrounds and passions. 


James works on Designs for all I Love Travel Brands and our Partners at Get REAL.

James works on Designs for all I Love Travel Brands and our Partners at Get REAL.

Meet James Ragudo,


James started at I Love Travel in the summer of 2014 unsure of what was ahead of him for his internship. Two years later he's an MVP of the Marketing Team and the go-to designer for all of our print and merchandise. He's obsessed with all things design and branding, and spends his days (and nights) working on his passion projects.

Q. What was the most difficult part of your Internship Experience?

A. If I could go back in time to my first week at the internship and tell myself something, it would be 'take it down a notch.' During my internship, I also worked a part-time in retail, and did freelance design work. I was constantly working, always learning... as much as I loved being so busy, I had minimal sleep and it would have been nice to take some free time for myself. On the other hand, I told myself during my internship to 'work as hard as you can' and soak in everything, but when I looked back, I should have just took it down a notch with my other jobs on the side so I could really focus and take some time for myself.

Q. Did you learn any skills during your internship that would be helpful to other Designers?

A. Organization & Communication is key! Good organization means there is no hassle when you're working on projects and looking for files. Communication is vital to making sure everyone knows whats going on with a project at any given time. The Marketing Team uses a massive external storage system nick-named Buddha and Project Management software called Asana that is the life of every project, so being able to use the software well and filing all our files/assets properly makes every project more efficient.

Q. Now that you work at ILT, what cool stuff have you worked on?

A. I've done a lot of cool stuff for I Love Travel like creating graphic illustrations for SnowJam 2015 & 2016, being able to design logos for Dayton2Daytona 2015 & 2016, and creating designs for products that thousands of our travellers get to wear before and during their trips. As a Designer, it's the coolest feeling to see thousands of people wearing or using something that you created for them. I've also started doing Photography on some of our trips and it's fun to learn a new skills and constantly be improving myself.

Dee is a socially conscious Graphic Designer who focussed on the team experience at ILT.

Dee is a socially conscious Graphic Designer who focussed on the team experience at ILT.

Meet Dee Flores,

CURRENT JOB TITLE: Freelance Graphic Designer

Dee came into the I Love Travel Marketing Department ready to jump in and learn as much as possible. She dedicated her time to typography, merchandise designs, and helping everyone in the department. Near the end of her internship, we focussed on her desire to make a difference in the world by focussing on refining her 'socially conscious focussed' portfolio to prepare her for getting jobs after her internship was over. 

Q. What was your main goal when you started your internship at I Love Travel?

A. My personal goal was to experience working with more creative people in a team. I was so used to being the only creative person in the whole office, and I felt like I wasn't growing. I hoped that by surrounding myself with people who think creatively like me, and who also had varied experience that I could learn from them and grow as a Designer. 

Thinking back, the team environment was great and I was given way more freedom to be creative than I ever had before. It forced me to grow, ask questions, and push my creative style.

Q. If you could go back in time and give yourself a piece of advice on your first day, what would you say?

A. Ask more questions! Before my internship I was working with a lot of Corporate Clients with rigid branding guidelines a very little creative freedom. I was used to being told exactly what to do. When I started working at I Love Travel, the projects were more open so I need to dig deeper into the projects to really understand who, and why, and what I was designing for. I would tell anyone starting a new job or internship; Don't be afraid to ask Questions, everyone there wants to help you grow and do a good job!

Also, keep a notebook to write everything down!

Q. So what are you up to now?!

A. I am a Freelance Graphic Designer at a Branding Agency in Vaughan. I also do lots of freelance graphic design, work with not-for-profits, and specialty typography for weddings. Recently I've done print work for the Canadian International Autoshow, and a website for a Yoga Studio. Eventually I'd love to open my own Design Business that also gives back to the community. Let me know if you'd like to work together!

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Published by Amy Killoran, Creative Manager at I Love Travel.