I Love Travel Reviews: How to Travel With Just a Carry-On Size Luggage!

We love to embrace the simplicity of travel, but airports are complicated, so we recommend keeping it simple and packing everything in just a carry-on!

1. Most airlines allow two carry-on bags.

This usually means one small to medium sized backpack to be stored in the overhead compartment filled with things you won't need on the flight (shoes, clothes, etc.) and one additional carry-on size luggage (heavier item filled with things you will need on the flight: laptop, phone charger, snacks, refillable water bottle, etc.) tucked comfortably under the seat in front of you.

Try not to overpack these carry-ons as flight staff may ask you to volunteer your bag to be checked (meaning you'll have to wait for it to be unloaded with the checked baggage at your final or connecting destination).

Expert Traveler Tip: Make use of the small pockets on your backpack or carry on luggage! Keep your Identification, wallet and travel documents organized and easy to retrieve. 

2. Think outfits not items. 

Be smart about what you choose to pack in your carry-on. You don't need every single one of your favourite articles of clothing to enjoy your trip. Think about packing with a similar colour scheme and include pieces that are good for mixing and matching to maximize each thing you pack. Every piece must be able to pull double-duty!

Expert Traveler Tip: Wear your bulkiest clothing items on the plane: long pants, light rain coat or sweater and running shoes. 


Where are you heading on your trip of a lifetime? Check up on your destination and make sure your prepared for the weather and terrain. No sense in bringing heels to a city with cobblestone roads and board walked beaches.

Expert Traveler Tip: Pack the essentials: light rain coat, running shoes, a good pair of walking sandals, camera, etc. 

4. Research your airline and flying restrictions

Know your airline carrier and security restrictions! Having everything with you on the plane has some restrictions. Make sure you have the right travel size liquid bottles and that your laptop, cell phone and toiletries bag are the near the surface of your packing puzzle to ensure a care free security experience!

Expert Traveler Tip:  Pre pack your liquids in a clear bag to skip re packing them at the airport!

With less stuff comes less worry and more time to enjoy the trip! Keep yourself organized and prepared but with half the weight! Airlines are famous for charging extra fees on top of flight fares for checked baggage so carry-on only allows you to avoid fees and the hassle of running to baggage claim at your final destination.

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Published by Sierra Webster, Community Manager & Expert Traveler at I Love Travel.